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US-6656089-B2: Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine patent, US-6707688-B2: Electric apparatus with electric terminals and fused structures patent, US-6738483-B1: Overhead loudspeaker systems patent, US-6741149-B2: Dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, and communication apparatus patent, US-6768948-B2: Balascopy system and method with improved sensitivity patent, US-6782558-B1: Lightweight wrestler headgear patent, US-3754615-A: Vehicle frame structure patent, US-3762185-A: Bobbin crafting and thread feeding device for circular knitting machines patent, US-3787105-A: Tilting pad journal bearing patent, US-3851563-A: Machine tool patent, US-3930168-A: Wave-action power apparatus patent, US-3944282-A: Article of furniture formed by interconnected structural bodies patent, US-3954042-A: Firearm construction, particularly a compact hand firearm patent, US-4024671-A: Mutually counterbalancing upper and lower flap doors of wide doorway patent, US-4030403-A: Power steering with accumulator operation patent, US-4069147-A: Waste water treatment with oxygen patent, US-4161178-A: Additive transfer device patent, US-4181300-A: Golf tee patent, US-4211280-A: Downhole surge tools, method and apparatus patent, US-4293171-A: Anti-friction bearing patent, US-4341503-A: Pump for fluid media patent, US-4397476-A: Collapsible trailer patent, US-4421501-A: Web folding apparatus patent, US-4451709-A: Eye glass hearing aids patent, US-4477049-A: Christmas tree stand patent, US-4478068-A: Internal combustion engine knock sensing method and system patent, US-4480805-A: Traverse yarn guide patent, US-4536687-A: Apparatus for controlling power window of vehicle patent, US-4541723-A: Monitoring the planarity of metal sheet patent, US-4544097-A: Fuel injection device patent, US-4551462-A: Eburnane derivatives, process for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them patent, US-4665561-A: Baseball glove having finger straps patent, US-4704168-A: Ion-beam nitriding of steels patent, US-4783909-A: Reversible heel counter for shoes patent, US-4805530-A: Printing machine inker system patent, US-4806919-A: Multi-window display system with modification or manipulation capability patent, US-4811268-A: Processing circuit capable of raising throughput of accumulation patent, US-4852372-A: Randomly engageable combination locking device patent, US-4870167-A: Hydrophobically modified non-ionic polygalactomannan ethers patent, US-4878462-A: Engine valve operating apparatus patent, US-4885005-A: Surfactant treatment of implantable biological tissue to inhibit calcification patent, US-4902214-A: Automatic multicolor rubber molding machine patent, US-4919758-A: Heat treatment of paper products having starch additives patent, US-4974566-A: Optimal swirl generation by valve control patent, US-5007301-A: Combined steering and control head for a floor conveyor vehicle patent, US-5041113-A: Stabilization member for stabilizing bones patent, US-5076515-A: Stretcher loading device for aircraft patent, US-5076905-A: Electrophoretic deposition apparatus patent, US-5097146-A: Circuit for detecting high voltage level in mos technology patent, US-5098558-A: Adjustable feed accelerator for particle separator patent, US-5113078-A: Radiation shielding structure patent, US-5179955-A: Method of abdominal ultrasound imaging patent, US-5239520-A: Booting circuit arrangement for a microprocessor patent, US-5319855-A: Mineral cutter tip and pick patent, US-5327438-A: Error correction system capable of correcting an error in a packet header by the use of a Reed-Solomon code patent, US-5358297-A: Tweezers with hinged magnifying glass patent, US-5390640-A: Method of controlling an engine for a flexible fuel vehicle patent, US-5405307-A: Centrifugal separator with a paring device patent, US-5434646-A: Method and apparatus for automatized exposing of light sensitive material by means of laser means of laser light patent, US-5485769-A: Square drive adapter patent, US-5560138-A: Fishing rod holder patent, US-5625948-A: Method for producing a pipe and apparatus for the same patent, US-5826340-A: Two-piece handle and method of assembly patent, US-5855215-A: Toothpicks and toothpick frame patent, US-5952897-A: Dielectric filter unit comprising internal conductors and a slit with an electrode for input/output coupling structure patent, US-5960583-A: Trap for catching and killing of small animals patent, US-5967834-A: In-line electrical connector patent, US-6095680-A: Nondestructive fraudulent fastener screening and composition determination device patent, US-6120667-A: Multi-capillary electrophoresis apparatus patent, US-6141191-A: Spin valves with enhanced GMR and thermal stability patent, US-6171141-B1: Fixing apparatus patent, US-6189884-B1: Apparatus for forming a gap in a scale-like sheet flow patent, US-6206973-B1: Chemical vapor deposition system and method patent, US-6220053-B1: Cryogenic industrial gas liquefaction system patent, US-6227099-B1: Power brake for motor vehicles patent, US-6267337-B1: Vertically adjustable support for a chair or table patent, US-6275541-B1: Digital receiver circuit patent, US-6313530-B1: Converter socket terminal patent, US-6388728-B1: Electrode plate, process for producing the plate, liquid crystal device including same and process for producing the device patent, US-6411536-B1: Rectifier device, having a cooling body, for a three-phase dynamo of a motor vehicle patent, US-6468284-B1: Method and apparatus for vaccum assisted fetal extraction patent, US-6486464-B1: Double sheet detector method for automated transaction machine patent, US-6524138-B1: Audio jack connector having means for preventing abrasion of a front face thereof by a mating plug connector patent, US-6546432-B2: Process for sending a notification in a data processing network with distributed applications patent, US-6552291-B1: Wire electric discharge machine patent, US-6571785-B1: System for positioning bow limbs relative to the riser of a crossbow patent, US-6627649-B1: Pharmaceutical compositions containing in combination two antagonists selective of arginine-vassopressin V receptors, even of V1 a and V2 receptors patent, US-6673677-B2: Method for manufacturing a multi-bit memory cell patent, US-6719006-B2: Method for controlling pressure in a hydraulic circuit patent, US-6750581-B2: Automotive alternator stator assembly with rectangular continuous wire patent, US-6758647-B2: System for producing wafers patent, US-6768310-B2: Method and device for detecting a current patent, US-4007588-A: Idling and part-load control of ignition distributor responsive to pressure upstream or downstream of throttle valve patent, US-4055133-A: Method and apparatus for triple roll seaming end closures to container bodies patent, US-4061014-A: Bottle inspection apparatus patent, US-4095673-A: Oil changer patent, US-4171239-A: Method and apparatus for applying adhesive attaching tapes to pads patent, US-4294130-A: Transmission for tractor patent, US-4335366-A: Color television display system having improved convergence patent, US-4417449-A: Process for separating carbon dioxide and acid gases from a carbonaceous off-gas patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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